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Our talented ecommerce photographers, fashion stylists, production team, photo editing, and account managers have several years of proven experience in creating high-end quality clothing and apparel photography for fashion retailers of all sizes from multi-nationals to small independent designers

All our ghost mannequin photography includes full post production, renaming, resizing, consistent imagery each and every time to your specification, full use licence with no expiry, everything you need to use your images straight away, at no extra cost.

360 Clothing Photography

Use your mouse to drag the image around (keep the left mouse pressed on the image and drag)
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Interactive 360 Product Photography - Choosing your angles

So implementing this stuff is difficult and expensive right ? Wrong, one link, copy and paste, DONE. We keep perfecting our 360 product photography and our software partner has been working on 360 product rotation software since 2018. A lot of effort has gone into making it work reliably across a variety of browsers and devices as well as providing advanced solutions such optimized hosting of your 360 product spins. 

By presenting 360 product photography online, website visitors are now able to interact with the product using their mouse! Customers can click and drag these 360 product photos and view them from any angle they chose. These 360 photography are very popular for foreign Apparel & clothing buyers, it’s a high-resolution photo so that buyers can zoom in 200% to examine the fabric cutting, color effects, stitching, thickness, embroidery, buttons, zippers, and other accessories.

full creative value

High quality product photography is essential for apparel ecommerce. For many customers, you need more than just a great product description—your images will determine whether or not they buy your product.

But essential doesn’t have to mean expensive. The difference between professional and amateur is only experience.

Create consistent and professional images to boost your e-commerce sales. Accurately showcase your products with our white background images. No minimum quantity, absolutely affordable.

360 degree apparel photography almost feels as if you have a garment in your hand and turning it over and over. It allows you to view it in 360 degrees and inspect its details. This is the ideal platform for e-commerce photography.

Types of Apparel Photography Products
Jewelry Product Photography
Handbag, Purse, and Wallet Product Photography
Accessory Photography
Footwear, Shoes, Sneakers, Boots, High Heals, Slippers, Flip Flops, Sandles, and all types of Footwear Product Photography
Painting and Creative works Photography
Beauty, Cosmetic, Perfume, Cologne, Lipstick, Makeup, and all Beauty type Photography
Coats, Jackets, Vests, Sweatshirts, Tee Shirts

Clothing may show well on mannequins or possibly laid out on a table or shelf, most of the time selecting a few models for a shoot would be the best choice to showcase your clothing line for creating product images. We nicely fold the garment when showcased on shelves and ensure the garnet is free of wrinkles. Similar to what how you would see clothing displayed in a retail store.

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Generate More Sales

Utilizing this process is a great investment because it already knocks out some of the most important goals any business has. When you attract a wider audience to your website and properly highlight the value of your products, you’re bound to generate more sales and reduce return rates. 360 product photography is a great resource for promoting your high-quality items and ensuring customers that your products are the right choice for them.

Attract More Customers

Consumers want to have control over their online shopping experiences, and there’s no better way to appease your audience than by giving them plenty of information about your products.With 360 photography, you show rather than tell. This kind of photography is being underutilized across the ecommerce industry, so customers will naturally gravitate towards businesses that have their best interests at heart.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

A 360 degree product viewer enhances the overall shopping experience by giving online visitors a chance to interact with the product simply by using their cursor. All it takes is a click and a drag to view the product from every angle. This gives potential customers a sense of control. Rather than seeing when the vendor chooses, they have the power to choose for themselves, which increases overall customer satisfaction.

Show Off Your Products

Sure, a picture may be worth a thousand words, but a 360 photo is worth a lot more. This type of photography shows off products in a way that most businesses don’t use yet, so not only will you prove your credibility as a business, you’ll attract a bigger audience to showcase your products to. A single picture can relay some basic product information, but it never really conveys the entire scope of the item. Sometimes there’s a design on the back that you can’t see, or sometimes it’s hard to visualize what the actual size of the object may be. With 360 photography, you can bring your products to life.

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