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“We produce immersive imagery and outstanding digital content to assist in marketing.”

Planet 360 BD, specializes in creating exciting interactive 360 Virtual Tours and is one of the leading pioneers in VT technology in Bangladesh. We are producing interactive 3D virtual tours for clients across all sectors including Arts & Culture, Business, Entertainment, Events, Hospitality, Museum & Heritage, Property, Retail, and Tourism. Our interactive 3D Virtual Tours, provide an innovative solution for showcasing, accessibility, and audience engagement. This immersive experience allows you to explore a space as if you are there. Engage audiences with multimedia content such as audio files, video, photography, and text descriptions. Moreover, Planet 360 BD were also one of the first companies to introduce Google-style Street tours using revolutionary 360 VT technology, we already cover 147.0 km of roads in Bangladesh which have 28.8M views on google maps.

We have previously worked for certain famous worldwide brands like Marriott Bonvoy, H&M, MSN, American Falcon, and so on, and furthermore a few neighborhood organizations like Sailor, Sarah Resort, Standard Group, Epyllion Group, Masco Group, Hotel The Cox Today, Neeshorgo Hotel & Resort, SKS Foundation, Paragon Ceramic Industries Limited And so on.


readymade garments industry

We help fashion brands present and sell their collections in an innovative, quality way. Increase the ROI of your stores by set up a virtual showroom fashion experience that brings together both online and offline stores.  We create a fully digital and immersive showroom fashion solution with an ordering system for apparel brands and wholesalers. This approach brings the dynamic world of fashion to life online, providing an engaging platform for showcasing your collections. People are struggling with time and buying decisions. The virtual showroom for fashion allows customers to choose correctly and have an outstanding customer experience. Our Cutting edge  3D – 360 Virtual tour service can be incredibly beneficial for foreign buyers, especially in industries like Readymade garments (RMG) sector of Bangladesh. Our virtual tours soluation enable foreign buyers to explore properties and their surroundings from afar. They can “walk through” your production facilities unit, Design Showroom or commercial spaces, getting a feel for the layout and condition of the property without having to travel to the location. This saves time and money for international buyers who may not be able to visit in person.

Virtual tours are an incredible way to show off your readymade garments facilities and give potential customers a feel for the environment.


Hop Lun (Hong Kong) Limited

Our 360 nature of  Virtual tours provide a transparent and immersive viewing experience. Foreign buyers can see a property or product from multiple angles, giving them a comprehensive understanding of what they are interested in. This transparency builds trust and confidence in the buying process. Moreover Virtual tours are available 24/7, allowing foreign buyers to view properties or facilities at their convenience, regardless of time zone differences. This flexibility can streamline the decision-making process. Foreign buyers can also use virtual tours to conduct thorough due diligence. For example, in the manufacturing sector, they can inspect factories, production processes, and quality control measures remotely. This helps ensure that the products meet their specifications and standards. 

Visual content in our virtual tours can help overcome language barriers. Buyers can visually assess properties or products without relying solely on written or spoken descriptions, making it easier to communicate with sellers from different linguistic backgrounds and Virtual tours make it easier for foreign buyers to access a global market. They can explore properties, products, or facilities in different countries and regions without the need for extensive travel. By providing a detailed and immersive virtual experience, sellers can instill confidence in foreign buyers. Buyers can make more informed decisions, knowing they have thoroughly explored their options.

Hospitality industry

The new age traveler wants to engage with the Brands directly, at their convenience and at a platform of their choosing. When you engage directly with the end customer you have a

  1. Stronger Brand presence
  2. Increased Brand recall
  3. Attract new customers
  4. Lower your Acquisition cost
  5. Increased footfalls for F&B
  6. Increased leads for Banquets and Events
  7. Increased Referrals
  8. Ability to create a Buzz around your offerings

Our Virtual Reality service is a Contactless way to reach millions of potential customers across multiple Geographies. Virtual Reality helps open the whole world for your Hotel. Weddings, MICE Events, Celebrations, Trade Shows, Virtual Familarisation Trips, The possibilities are endless. Our Virtual tours takes 10-15 Touch points to create a Brand Recall. We help you drive Brand Activation, Awareness and Engagement across Social Media Channels by curating customer Journeys to increase your Lead Generation. We help you Sell your product not only where the buyers are but to the Right Buyers. Our Solutions helps you grow your Business

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Sheraton® - Dhaka


Sky VILLA - Rupayan CITY



We can build anything you can dream of into a Virtual Tour. We also carefully match branding guidelines with your marketing needs. Once built, our bespoke content management system allows you to make ongoing changes at no additional cost. We are also a registered Google partner licensed to create Google Streetview Tours and can also help with adding 360° images to your business profile and Facebook. All of our 360-degree virtual tours can be viewed using any of the 3DVR headsets or Google Cardboard, this is an amazing way to promote your company, giving the viewer the feeling of actually being on the premises.

Some of Our 360 Virtual Reality Tour Projects

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